Superconducting and hybrid magnetic shields: comparison between 3D modeling and experiment
Laura Gozzelino  1, *@  , Michela Fracasso  1@  , Samuele Ferracin  1@  , Andrea Napolitano  1@  , Daniele Torsello  1@  
1 : Politecnico di Torino [Torino]
Politecnico di Torino - Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, 24 10129 Torino -  Italy
* : Corresponding author

The use of superconducting (SC) materials is crucial for shielding quasi-static magnetic fields. However, a successful approach requires the availability of a modeling procedure that can be exploited to guide the shielding devices' design. In this work, we applied a 3D numerical modeling method based on the vector-potential formulation to predict the shielding properties of a short SC hollow cylinder with and without the superimposition of a ferromagnetic tube in both axial- and transverse-field configuration. Calculation outcomes were then compared with experimental data obtained on the same shielding arrangements. The agreement between computed and experimental results validates the simulation outputs and opens to the exploitation of this modeling approach for designing more efficient shielding solutions.

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