Modeling Quasiparticles and Pseudogap in Cuprates in Presence of Charge Ordering Potential
Anna E. Myasnikova  1@  , Stanislava V. Doronkina  1@  
1 : Southern Federal University [Rostov-on-Don]
ул, Bol\'shaya Sadovaya Ulitsa, 105/42, Rostov-on-Don, Rostov Oblast, Russie, 344006 -  Russia

We are modeling quasiparticles (QP) that emerge in cuprates in additional charge ordering (CO) potential. At strong Frohlich electron-phonon interaction autolocalized carriers form CO and coexist with delocalized ones. Employing method reminiscent of finite elements one, we show that CO potential transforms Bloch QPs into distributed wave packets with different momentums in areas with different potential. Modeling the dispersion of the hole-doped cuprates and constructing numerically the momentum space trajectories of the new QPs we found that topology of the cuprates dispersion forbid QPs with average momentum near antinode. Modeling photoemission of carriers from the permitted QPs, we demonstrate that antinodal photoemission (ARPES) spectra have all the features characteristic of the pseudogap (PG) behavior in cuprates. Variation of the obtained PG width and PG onset temperature with doping is in consent with one observed in cuprates.

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